‘Callisto’ offers a base for small or large excursions through the rich nature of mountainous Corinthos, with the opportunity to follow the paths trod by the nymph who it is named after.

Let’s start in the village. Goura is a place of special beauty, the seat of the municipality of Feneos, located at the foot of Kyllini, or Ziria. Walking around the village you will see drinking fountains, old stone houses and small chapels. Enjoy the square with the imposing church of Taxiarchon, the mansions surrounding it and drink coffee or tsipouro at one of its traditional Greek coffee houses.

Let’s explore the area. First stop Lake Doxa, with its dam of the same name, and above it the monastery of Saint George. Leave your car and enjoy nature with a walk around the lake. If you like walking, there are marked mountain trails on both the mountains of Helmos and Ziria.

Visit the Virgin of the Rocks, a complex of high steep rocks with between them the monastery of the Virgin Mary.

See the villages of Feneos. There are nine villages in the municipality of Feneos and you will be touched by the beauty of the squares, the drinking fountains and the churches.

Let’s go higher up to the mountain valley of Skafidia on Ziria. If you are lucky, you will meet the wild horses that roam freely on the mountainside. Continuing your journey, you will pass Lake Dasiou before arriving at Karia, Trikala and the ski-centre of Ziria. Within an hour’s drive from Goura, you can explore the other side of Ziria.

Let’s return to the mountain opposite Goura, Helmos. In just one hour on the asphalt road you arrive at the ski-centre of Kalavrita. If you would prefer to enjoy the more scenic way there, travel by the forest road from Feneos to Zarouchla.